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Pool Deck Coating in central arkansas

Little Rock Epoxy Flooring offers smooth and textured pool deck coatings for homeowners in Central Arkansas that can update your pool’s look by making it look more beautiful while providing it an additional safety from slips and falls. We are committed to providing affordable epoxy floor coatings at the fastest time possible to instantly improve the style and function of your pool deck. Epoxy floor coating freshens up your pool deck area and delivers a beautiful, long-lasting floor coating that can last for a decade if given proper maintenance and care. We specialize in providing your pool deck area with premium epoxy floor coating available in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. 

Epoxy flooring helps you choose a custom look for your pool deck area according to your preferences that perfectly complement your outdoor décor and boost outdoor aesthetics. Our professionals are well trained and skilled and promise to deliver flawless results in epoxy floor coatings. We intend to provide fast installation to make sure that you return to using your pool deck area quickly without causing much disruption. 



Concrete pool deck coatings are a liquid, or semi-liquid applied over your existing floor to create a new surface. Coatings for pool decks come in colors, and many combinations to make your pool deck look better than ever. 


Our expert flooring professionals examine your concrete for any repairs and preparation before applying the coating. Addressing all sorts of cracks is important before resurfacing your concrete because cracks can lead to deterioration of the concrete by allowing water to flow deep inside. We ensure that all these cracks are taken care of before applying the concrete coating to give your concrete pool deck an attractive and flawless surface. Get a quote or call our customer representatives to book a service to restore your pool deck area.